Ahli Hospital in Gaza Needs Your Help

Ahli Hospital in Gaza Needs Your Help


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From a letter to the Board of Trustees, American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, from Acting Director John Lent:

I want to update you on the situation at Ahli Hospital in Gaza and AFEDJ’s response. I receive daily updates from Hanna Theodorie.

The new emergency care center that Ahli opened this week is at capacity. Doctors and nurses have treated hundreds of casualties and 45 have been admitted for in-patient treatment, many for surgery. Ahli Hospital has been designated a primary hospital in Gaza for surgery, addressing the most catastrophic orthopedic injuries, all incurred from live ammunition. Many of the casualties are gunshots to the lower body and many of them require multiple surgeries. Most of these patients are young men, 20-35 years old. Suhaila describes the injuries as devastating and debilitating.

Ahli has also treated many children for rubber bullet wounds and tear gas inhalation. The hospital is running special counseling programs for children who are suffering trauma. Many of these children have family members who have been killed or seriously wounded.

Barry (our bishop), Kirk, Greg and I are working with the Presiding Bishop’s office to facilitate a message and appeal about Ahli Hospital going out to the House of Bishops. I’ll keep you posted on progress.

Thanks to all of you who’ve contributed to the Ahli appeal. 

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Post from May 15, 2018

From the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem:

The death toll in Gaza continues to rise. 58 Gazans were killed on Monday. More than 2,700 were injured, 1,360 from live ammunition. The level of bloodshed since protests began at the end of March has not been seen in Gaza since the 2014 war with Israel.

Suhaila Tarazi, the director of Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, reports that Ahli is implementing an emergency response to receive trauma cases and has configured an emergency wing with 24 additional beds. The staff is on extended shifts to treat the injured and wounded. Ahli surgeons are treating serious wounds and complex limb injuries.

Ahli Hospital needs immediate and substantial financial support to respond to the catastrophe in Gaza. They need to obtain emergency medicine and medical supplies and fuel for generators. They need to support doctors and nurses who are working non-stop to meet the crushing flow of the injured and traumatized. Please give generously to sustain Ahli in this time of crisis. 

Suhaila wants you to know that while the resources of Ahli Hospital are stretched to the limit, the hospital staff is working around the clock, treating and healing victims of the violence. This includes many children who have family members, friends and neighbors who are dead or injured. These children are suffering, and Ahli Hospital is providing them compassionate counseling and psycho-social therapy.

During these days of violence in Gaza, the deadliest since the 2014 war, we ask your prayers for Ahli Hospital. And we ask for your gifts to support their heroic work and honor their bravery. Please help us send a strong message to Suhaila and her team that their brothers and sisters in America stand with them as they serve the suffering people of Gaza.

Today, families in Gaza prepare to bury their dead. Tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza attend memorial services and funerals. Thanks to your faithful support, the doors of Ahli Hospital remain open. With your help, Ahli stands as a powerful example of Christian witness in this place of desperation and unimaginable horror. Thanks to you, Ahli Hospital sends a message of hope and love. Please give today to our beloved Ahli Hospital.

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