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  • Meet the Administration and Finance Team

    The Administration and Finance Team is composed of Office of the Bishop staff members and accounting professional staff from Utonomy, a regional financial accounting services company specializing in non-profits.Office of the Bishop StaffElizabeth Vang, previously the Receptionist and Administrative Assistant for the Office of the Bishop since November 2015, has transitioned into the role of Benefits Coordinator and Accounting Specialist. Her email will remain, and h...

  • Congregational Range Sheet for 2018

    The 2018 Congregational Range Sheet is created through an analysis of a number of factors from each congregation's 2016 Parochial Report, which is filed with The Episcopal Church. These factors include Sunday attendance, operating expenses and outreach.The Congregational Range Sheet serves several important purposes. Two of the most significant purposes are:1.

  • Changes in Salary

    The Employment Practices & Benefits (EP&B) Committee recommended a 2.20% COLA (Cost-Of-Living-Adjustment) for 2018. Should your congregation choose to make an increase to clergy and lay employee salaries, please follow the steps listed below to properly report any changes.Changes to Employee Salary*There are two steps to complete a salary change for any employee, and both steps must be completed.  Step 1: Update Salary with the Office of the Bishop- Please comple...

  • Housing Allowance Reporting

    As we approach the end of the year, it is time again for the Vestry or Mission Committee of each congregation to determine a housing allowance for clergy. Any changes that need to be made must be enacted by December 31, 2017 to be effective for the upcoming year, as housing allowances are not effective retroactively.Housing Allowance Resolution Forms:- Housing Allowance Resolution Form (With House) For a minister whose housing is church-provided- Housing Allowance Resolution Form (No H...

  • Imputed Income

    Most active clergy persons UNDER the age of 65, whose church institutions correctly filed new hire paperwork with the Office of the Bishop within 30 days of the date of hire, receive up to $100,000 in group term life insurance from the Church Pension Fund and an additional $20,000 in group term life insurance from their respective church institution.Most active clergy OVER the age of 65, whose church institutions correctly filed new hire paperwork with the Office of the Bishop within 30 days of ...

  • Affordable Care Act Regulation Changes

    We have received notification from the Church Pension Group regarding recent Affordable Care Act regulations for employers. These regulations state that, effective January 1, 2015, employers must pay the full premium for any employees who choose to enroll in “EAP Only” (Employee Assistance Program) coverage, effective January 1, 2015. This premium is $5.00 per month, per employee.

  • Apportionment Rebate 2014

    In accordance with the Apportionment Forgiveness Guidelines Memo posted on November 23, 2010, congregations that remain fully current on all financial obligations to the diocese at the end of the year 2013 will be eligible for an apportionment rebate of 2%. To apply for this rebate, congregations must: - Be current with their apportionment, including submission of the Year-end Reconciliation and final payment for 2013, due January 31, 2014.  - Be current on any loans from the diocese or the...

  • 2014 Open Enrollment is well under way!

    It is that time of year again, Open Enrollment is upon us! Active Employees October 31 - November 21, 2013 Retired Employees November 15 - December 6, 2013 Click on the sections above to read more about Open Enrollment for active employees or Open Enrollment for retired employees. If, after reviewing the information available on these webpages, you still have questions, please contact our Communications Director and Benefits Coordinator, Nicole Baxley via email at

  • Revised Form I-9

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services has released a revised Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 for use. Employers are required to complete a Form I-9 for every employee hired in the United States.

  • Federal Reporting Requirements & Guide

    2013 Federal Reporting Requirements For Episcopal Churches & 2013 Tax Guide For Episcopal Ministers As part of Church Pension Fund’s commitment to conserve natural and financial resources, we are providing a link to their 2013 Federal Reporting Requirements for Episcopal Churches online booklet PDF file published on February 15, 2013. The PDF file is posted on the Church Pension Fund website, and is a great resource for learning more about federal reporting obligations related to payroll for...

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