All Saints' 'Finishes' Their Church, 28 Years Later

All Saints' 'Finishes' Their Church, 28 Years Later

By Sophie Smal, Communications Coordinator

When All Saints', Redding, was first built, plans to complete the separation of the entry area from the worship hall came to a halt when the church's funds ran dry.

 Now, 28 years later, All Saints' has a narthex screen and will soon have a new rose window, said Rector Paul F. Blanch, thanks to the donation of local doctor Terry Rust. 

Architect Paul A. Ryan, known for his work on St. Mary's Cathedral in San Francisco, designed All Saints'. He died before the church was completed. Craftsman Eric Hollenbeck of Blue Ox Millworks was able to use Ryan's narthex screen design to create the exact screen that the architect envisioned.

To the members of All Saints’, the screen is much more than just a physical divider.

“This last Sunday, people told me that going through the doors itself was like a spiritual journey into worship,” Blanch said.

Even more additions are coming to All Saints’ in the near future – the aforementioned rose window is expected to be installed mid-May, and by the end of May, All Saints’ hopes to be the proud owner of a digital organ from Italy.

“As our church changes, our congregation continues to grow as well; just last year, we added 53 new members,” Blanch said.

To view more pictures of the screen and its building process, visit the All Saints’ photo gallery here.

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