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  • A Lenten Message from the Bishop

    Dear Friends in Christ, Once again it is my duty and privilege to invite you to the observance of a holy Lent. As we continue to make our on-going journey from glory to glory together, this Season now comes as an important invitation to a renewed intentionality about nurturing and deepening our spiritual life. One aid to that work that I commend to you is the current Bishop’s Book (which also happens to be the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent Book) I Am With You, by Kathryn Greene-McCreight.

  • A Lent Message from the Bishop

    Dear Friends in Christ: Once again, we enter the season of Lent hearing the Church’s invitation to us to make it an intentionally holy time. Basically, that means a consecrated time, time set apart, and dedicated to the work of deepening our relationship with God. There are many ancient spiritual practices associated with this season, to assist us with that work.

  • Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday

    The first Sunday in Lent, February 22, 2012, you are invited to celebrate "Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday." At the 2009 General Convention, Lent was officially designated as a time to encourage dioceses, congregations and individuals to remember and support the life-saving work of Episcopal Relief & Development. We invite all Episcopalians to join together on Episcopal Relief & Development Sunday, and throughout the Lenten season, to pray for those living in need. To help your...

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