Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the Governing Body of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, which first met in December of 2012.

2019 Trustees

The Rt. Rev. Megan Traquair, President
The Rev. Michael Monnot, Vice-President
Ms. Tammy Murray, Secretary
Mr. John  Nykamp, Treasurer
Canon Charles Mack, Chancellor
The Rev. Dan Boeger
Mr. Jack Cummings
Ms. Margaret Dunning
The Rev. Brad Helmuth
The Rev. Terri Hobart
The Rev. Ed Howell
The Rev. Lucretia Jevne
The Rev. Christy Laborda Harris
The Rev. Aidan Rontani
The Rev. Anne Smith
The Rev. Debra Warwick-Sabino 
The Very Rev. Mary Claugus, Dean
The Very Rev. Daniel Green, Dean
The Very Rev. Canon Mary Hauck, Dean
The Very Rev. Mack Olson, Dean
The Very Rev. Sara Potter, Dean
The Very Rev. Sarah Quinney, Dean
The Very Rev. Richard Yale, Dean

Reporting Due Dates

If you wish for an item to be considered for the agenda at a Board of Trustees meeting, please submit it to the Office of the Bishop by 9:00 a.m. on the reporting due date shown below.

Meeting  Date*            Due Date*
March 2, 2019             Feb. 14, 2019
May 11, 2019               April 25, 2019
July 20, 2019               July 4, 2019
Aug. 23-24, 2019         Aug. 8, 2019
Sept. 14, 2019             Aug. 29, 2019
Oct. 5, 2019                 Sept. 19, 2019
Dec. 7, 2019                Dec. 21, 2019

*Subject to change

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