Call for Nominations

Deadline: September 7, 2017

For the Standing Committee and Board of Trustees, please use the Governance Nomination form. A person may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else, but they do have to consent to be nominated.

Standing Committee and Board of Trustees nominations may be made by any person with seat, voice and vote and shall be sent to Elizabeth Vang through the email provided at the bottom of this page. The due date for filing nominations is September 7, 2017. For any office for which there is no contest as of September 7, 2017, a second filing time shall open on September 8, 2017. The due date for filing nominations during the second filing time is Wednesday,October 18, 2017. 

The Secretary of Convention is directed to post notice on the Diocesan website of the opening of a second filing time and the due date thereafter for filing nominations. Nominations may be made from the Convention floor when called for by the President. Names of those nominated from the floor will be placed on the ballot below those nominated prior to the opening of Convention; provided, however, floor nominees shall first present a printed copy of the nomination form and a high-resolution photo to the Committee on the Dispatch of Business. You will also find positions available with their respective job descriptions through the links below.

Standing Committee

Board of Trustees

Please note: In order to fill out the Governance Nomination form (located at the top of the page), you must download the .pdf/Word doc. and save it onto your computer, fill it out, and then send it by email to Elizabeth Vang, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant, at For any convention questions, you may also email Elizabeth or call her at 916-442-6918 ext. 230.

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