CCOM Membership

Because of the critical nature of the CCOM’s work, its members should be...

prayerful people
committed to Christ ~ and ~
engaged in ongoing, personal spiritual growth.

They should...

care deeply for the Church
trust in the Holy Spirit to guide the process
be able to listen
be willing and able to change their minds for good reason ~ and ~
be honest, fair and compassionate in their dealings with other people.


Members need to be deeply aware that God works with different people in different ways, and that a genuine call cannot always be described rationally. Members must be willing to listen attentively with people whose personality and style of communication may be very different from their own. Each member of the CCOM must be committed to respecting confidentiality.

The CCOM should represent as broad a spectrum of the congregation as possible. Gender and liturgical preference should be balanced. Members should be familiar with The Episcopal Church (TEC), not be newcomers to TEC or to the congregation, and should have life and/or professional experience which lend themselves to an understanding of the discernment process. Potential CCOM members should show themselves interested in learning about the process of discernment and be willing to go through a time of formation for their essential ministry.

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