Certificate of Lay Delegates

If you are having an alternate replace a delegate, please use the Alternate to Delegate form. Please do not fill out a new Certificate of Lay Delegates form. 

Information: Each congregation must properly complete a Certificate of Lay Delegates form with all requested information. Once completed, the form must be properly authenticated by the appropriate congregational leadership using one of two options:

- Option one is to have the Rector, Vicar or Priest in Charge print their name, sign and date the form. 
 - Option two
is to have either the Junior or Senior Warden AND the Clerk print their names, sign and date the form. If your congregation chooses to use Option two, please circle either “Junior” or “Senior” to indicate which Warden is authenticating the form. 


Alternate to Delegate Form 
Certificate of Lay Delegates Form 
Congregational Range Sheet for 2018 

The completed and signed Certificate of Lay Delegates form must be returned to (mail, fax or email):

 The Office of the Bishop
 Attn: DioCon Certificate of Lay Delegates
 350 University Ave, Suite 280
 Sacramento, California 95825
 fax: 916-442-6927
 email: convention@norcalepiscopal.org

How many lay delegates is our congregation allowed to bring to Diocesan Convention?

As specified in Article V. Section 5 of the Constitution of The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, each congregation is allowed to bring a specific number of lay delegates to Diocesan Convention. The number of lay delegates is determined by identifying in which congregational range the congregation belongs. This is determined by analyzing a number of factors, including: Sunday attendance, operating expenses, outreach, etc. Each congregational range is assigned a letter, A through G, which corresponds to a specific number of lay delegates. A list of congregations and which congregational range they belong to can be found in the Congregational Range Sheet for 2018 below.

Congregational Range 
 Delegates Allowed

*One additional Delegate is allowed for every 100 Congregational Points, in the previous year, above the Diocesan Standard.

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