Given the anticipated time constraints of this Diocesan Convention, it is requested that only resolutions considered essential to the conduct of business for the upcoming year be submitted for vote at this Diocesan Convention. The Resolutions Committee has been requested by the President of Convention to identify no more than five (5) resolutions to be considered by the Diocesan Convention other than those on the consent calendar, on the Bishop’s address, on matters of courtesy, or on constitutional or canonical matters. Resolutions from the floor may still be submitted at the formation of Diocesan Convention, provided all House Rules are followed.

Please note: Two formmust be completed for resolutions. In order to fill out the forms, you must download the .pdf/Word doc. and save it onto your computer, fill it out, and then email it to the Rev. Betsey Monnot. 


Click here to download Resolution Submission Form 10A

Click here to download Resolution Submission Form 10B

Click here to download an Informational Sheet on How To Write a Resolution

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