A Call to Diaconal Ministry

A call to Diaconal Ministry is largely individual in nature and comes through an individual’s prayerful communication with God. The call is reinforced by the individual’s Congregation. The Church as a corporate body must recognize, test, and affirm an individual’s call to ministry.

It is the Church which affirms God’s call to explore the ordained ministry. This affirmation is accomplished by:

The individual’s Parish Vestry or Mission Committee
The Commission on Ministry
The Standing Committee
The Bishop

Some of the signs of a call to the Diaconate are an individual’s demonstrated desire and ability to:

· serve and to enable others to serve the poor, the powerless, the weak, the sick and the needy,
· hold before the Church the needs of the world, to interpret those needs to the Church,
· be a symbol of and model for the ministry of all the baptized.

A strong personal ministry, empathy with those less fortunate and a strong spirituality are not by themselves adequate to determine a call to the Diaconate. Deacons must also have the innate ability to raise up and lead others in serving those in need.

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