Disaster Preparedness & Response

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California and our congregations can prepare to be more resilient to the many changes that may effect our communities here in California through:

- Healthy Communication
 - Prior Planning
 - Community Engagement

Episcopal Relief & Development's US Disaster Program is our partner in building resilient communities and preparing for disasters in the United States. Working with The Episcopal Church across the country, Episcopal Relief & Development helps dioceses prepare their congregations, and offers support during times of fire, flood, earthquakes, hurricanes and other serious circumstances that can affect the communities where we live, work and worship. As Christians, we are called to serve the vulnerable in our communities. In a disaster, our vulnerabilities are laid bare before us and our call to serve becomes clearly present.  Our method of disaster preparedness is based on the tenets of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). A thorough preparedness process can transform the way we do ministry, even if a catastrophe never befalls our community. 

To read how one priest responded quickly when disaster struck in his community, click here. 

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