Disaster Preparedness Plans

Episcopal Relief & Development has created easy to use disaster preparedness plan templates that your congregation can start using today to build your resilience team, to prepare and to fulfill the Resolution R7-14: Disaster Preparedness requirements. Either the Bronze or Silver Level Preparedness Plan will fulfill your diocesan requirements, and help your congregation prepare.

Disaster Planning Resources for Congregations

Episcopal Relief & Development Disaster Planning Guides:

 - Gold Plan (comprehensive)
 - Silver Plan (intermediate) 
 - Bronze Plan (basic)

Filing Your Plan in the Diocese of Northern California

Disaster preparedness is not just a way to help ourselves and our communities – it’s also a way to act as good stewards of our church properties. And the Bishop’s Office and Episcopal Relief and Development have made it easier than ever. If your church doesn’t already have a disaster plan, please follow these simple steps:

• Designate a Congregational Disaster Coordinator.

• Use one of the templates provided above and the available resources found in the right menu links on this page to prepare your church's plan.

• E-mail the finished plan to our Communications team at the Office of the Bishop at communcations@norcalepiscopal.org.

Questions? Please call or email Margaret Dunning, 707-592-6002, margaret@dunning.com or the Office of the Bishop at 916-442-6918.

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