Discerning a Call

The process of discerning the call to the Diaconate begins when a baptized person approaches his or her Rector/Vicar and asks for information.

The primary responsibility for recognizing and developing a vocation to ordained ministry lies with the Parish/Mission. It may seem presumptuous to observe, question and judge another’s call to ordained ministry. However, for someone aspiring to Holy Orders in the Church, this is not a private matter, but the proper concern of the entire Body of the Church.

The next step is to have the Rector, Vicar or Priest-in-charge bring or send the discerner to visit with the Bishop who may recommend that a Congregational Commission on Ministry (CCOM) become involved.

The CCOM meets with the discerner for a period of time not less than 3 – 6 months. If the CCOM discerns a call to the diaconate, the CCOM recommends the discerner to the Vestry/Mission Committee. If the Vestry/Mission Committee agrees, an application and supporting materials is sent to the Bishop who will make a decision about extending an invitation to attend a Discernment Weekend to meet with the Diocesan Commission on Ministry and Standing Committee Ministry and Standing Committee

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