During the Process

It is essential that the discerner be kept informed, throughout the process, of any concerns that might come up among members of the CCOM. No concern that may influence decisions by CCOM members should be kept from the discerner, and the discerner must be given ample time and opportunity to pray, think about and respond to such concerns. Not only is this a question of fairness, but the way in which the discerner responds to difficult issues can provide insights both to the CCOM and to the person.

Before the final interview, everyone on the CCOM should have had sufficient opportunity to share their observations, enthusiasms and concerns with the rest of the CCOM and with the discerner.

The final meeting with the entire CCOM and the discerner should be an open and frank discussion. Nothing that goes into the final report should come as a surprise to the discerner, who must be given the opportunity to ask for clarification and respond to concerns.

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