Follow Up

Once the final report letter has been submitted to the Vestry/Mission Committee, the CCOM’s role in the preliminary work of discernment is complete. However, the CCOM has the responsibility to offered continued support to the discerner, regardless of the decision.

If the discerner has received a positive recommendation and is accepted as a postulant in the diocese, CCOM members should continue to stay in touch, provide encouragement and support and occasionally to meet, if possible, with the postulant as she/he moves through the process. The CCOM functions as a liaison between the postulant and the congregation.

Should the discerner be deferred or simply not recommended, the CCOM should serve as much as possible as a support and source of prayer and information for the discerner. Areas observed as needing growth and attention may be gently discussed with the person and encouragement as he or she lives into the answer will be needed.

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