Stewardship Commission


The Stewardship Commission (formerly known as the Commission on Gratitude) for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California (aka “Stewardship With an Attitude of Thankfulness” or "NorCal SWAT") joyfully proclaims the theology of abundance!

Our Mission

It is our dedicated mission to...

PRODUCE gratitude-based programming for a year-round focus on God’s bounty and blessings.

SUPPORT congregations in their annual celebration of gratitude (formerly known as Pledge Drive), when the gifts of the people are offered up to God in thanksgiving.

TRAIN & DEPLOY regional consultants to help churches create a culture of Gratitude. Our team members are available to consult on spiritual inspiration, living and worshiping in year-round gratitude, selection and implementation of celebration programs, recruiting and training volunteers.

ENCOURAGE and offer resources for those who wish to include the church in their estate plans.

Please follow our blog reports below as we work to fulfill this mission.

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Please contact the Rev. Dr. Sean Cox, Rector at Faith, Cameron Park and Stewardship Commission Chair via email.

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