How To Set Up Online Giving

How to Set Up Online Giving

Options for Online Giving:

The two vendors the diocese uses to manage Online Giving include and ACS.

Others include:
•  Givelify
•  GivePlus
•  PayPal

Click here to download a quick comparison guide of the various online giving platforms mentioned above.

You can find additional resources from ACS here, if you use Realm, Abundant, or Access ACS. 

Below are additional resources for using

•  How to Set Up Online Giving with
•  Adding Giving to Your Website
•  Setting Up and Giving to a Pledge Campaign
• FAQ's
•  Guide to Mobile Giving

You can use the tool found here to compare potential giving fees between the different platforms.

The following Tax ID/EIN may be used by Churches in the Episcopal Diocease of Northern California that are under our tax ID: 94-1408152

If you have questions, please contact Michelle Karimi, Executive staff support.

Stewardship in a time of COVID-19

Updated Mar. 25, 2020 12:00 pm

Stewardship and giving during a pandemic

Canon Andrea McMillin: Diocesan Communications

A growing concern in our diocese is the issue of pledge income and Sunday donations in the plate. Diocesan Governance shares this concern. The Budget and Finance committee of the Board of Trustees will meet this week to discuss the financial impact of this pandemic on our congregations, and possible responses by the board. These conversations are happening in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.

Our stewardship is the only way that our faithful witness can continue. Diocesan leadership teams will consider thoughtfully the economic reality of this pandemic as it evolves, and will respond with congregation based and diocesan wide initiatives as appropriate. We all desire to see our churches thrive even in the midst of difficult times.

Congregations should activate their pledge teams and act now:

Online Giving:

Here is information for online giving in your church:

If you already have online giving, plan to reach out and assist people in learning the system.

A giving button should be on every communication that goes out from the church.

Direct ask by church leaders:

People love your church - and want to give. Be clear in the ask. 

Ask your parishioners if they can resume their pledge, and if possible, add what they would have given in the plate offering. Put this in every communication that goes out.

Use print, a phone call, a video by leadership.

Make a time during worship for people to post online what they are grateful for, and offer them an opportunity to give. Text to Give, go online to give, or ask them to prepare their check and drop it in the mail during the service time. 


Ask if people can prepay some of their pledge to help offset the disruption.

Some of our people can do this.

Don’t be afraid to ask directly.

Easter Offering:

Consider a mailer: a card and stamped/pre addressed envelope.

Plan a digital Easter Offering ask. (Virtual Easter flowers, anyone?)

Reach everyone you can:

Be bold!

Anyone who has any connection to your church should be given the opportunity to contribute to your ministry. 

Expand the circle beyond the people who have pledges already.

People feel helpless in the face of disaster – and this is something they can do to ensure the church will continue this good work of worship, prayer, connection, and service.

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