Intergenerational and Family Formation

Intergenerational Faith Formation 

There aren't a lot of specific resources for intergenerational faith formation; however, it might be one of the most important ways to think about faith formation for different age groups. Congregations are unique places for people of different generations to come together: where else do we get to gather and learn together (and from each other)? We too often think that we can only learn about and practice our faith in segmented groups, when we actually have an opportunity to strengthen our community and our faith all together. 

However, putting together those kinds of gatherings and opportunities often requires some creativity and consideration of your congregation's particular needs and circumstances. These articles and resources are a good place to get started in thinking about how to do faith formation together.

I suspect that our diocese has some great examples of ways that different generations are practicing their faith and learning together: if you do, would you be willing to share your story?

Intergenerational Faith Formation Resources from Lifelong Faith

Faith Formation in the Home

Families are another important, and often under-considered place where a lot of faith formation occurs. How can we support families in faith formation, particularly when families' lives make regular church attendance difficult? Here are a few starting points:

Posts on Faith Formation in the Home from Vibrant Faith

Faith in the Home resources from BuildFaith

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