Mutual Ministry Review

Every Congregation in the Diocese of Northern California is expected and encouraged to conduct an Annual Ministry Review as outlined in all clergy Letters of Agreement:

The Rector and Vestry agree to an annual discussion and mutual review of the total ministry of the congregation. It is suggested they engage a third party to facilitate the Mutual Ministry Review (MMR). The results of this review will be reported in writing to the Bishop/Ecclesiastical Authority. The purpose of this review is to:

1. Provide the Clergy and Vestry with the opportunity to assess how well they are fulfilling their responsibilities to each other and to the ministries they share;
2. Evaluate goals set at the previous mutual ministry review;
3. Establish goals for the work of the congregation for the coming year;
4. Isolate areas of conflict or disappointment that have not been resolved and may be adversely affecting mutual ministry; and
5. Clarify expectations of all parties so that future conflicts may be diminished or avoided.

For assistance in locating an MMR consultant, please contact the Canon to the Ordinary, the Rev. Canon Andrea McMillin at or (916) 442-6918.


The following resources are provided to assist clergy and congregational leadership in planning for this Mutual Ministry Review. Please click on the respective links to download/view these resources:

1. Mutual Ministry Review Booklet which provides an introduction to the process and is to be distributed to all those who will participate in the MMR.
 2. Building Blocks of the MMR which provides a checklist of important information to compile in preparation for the MMR.
 3. Personal Reflection Worksheet to be completed prior to the MMR by participants OR
 4. Vestry Reflection Worksheet to be completed by Vestry/Mission Committee members AND
 5. Clergy Reflection Worksheet to be completed ahead of time.
 6. Ministry Matters - A Guide to Conducting MMR from the Diocese of Texas
 7. Living into our Ministries Guide from The Episcopal Church
 8. MMR: Celebrate Success, Resolve Challenges from the Diocese of Washington

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