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  • Donna Arellano - A Journey from Computer Programmer to Deacon

    By Sophie Smal, Communications CoordinatorAs a cradle Episcopalian, the Rev. Donna Lynn Arellano spent her adolescent and young adult years attending church in Philadelphia. After she graduated high school, Arellano attended college and earned her degree in computer engineering.

  • Office of the Bishop Staff Changes

    Sandra Littman, Administrative Assistant to the Bishop, has now retired. Filling in for her is Elizabeth Vang, who is continuing to function as Receptionist and Administrative Assistant as well. When you arrive at the Office of the Bishop, if no one is at the front desk, please press the buzzer and someone will meet you in the lobby shortly.

  • Message from the Bishop, July 2017

    Dear Friends in Christ,Grace and peace to you. I hope that your summer so far has been blessed with the gift of sabbath.Recently, in the midst of a joyful Eucharist at St. Michael's, Alturas, I was blessed to receive David Cohen as an Associate of the Community of the Transfiguration.

  • John Day - Second Career, Second Calling to the Church

    By Sophie Smal, Communications CoordinatorSince one of his parents was a Mormon and the other an Episcopalian, the Rev. John E. Day had an option of which faith to step into; however, he felt called into the Episcopal Church, which he attended in Salt Lake City growing up.Even though he "chose" the Episcopal Church, Day said that the ministry really became "a second career" for him, and now he has "two 20-year careers under (his) belt."Day's first position was as a commercial banker, and after h...

  • Mark Parker - Better Late than Never - to Become a Priest

    By Sophie Smal, Communications CoordinatorUnlike our last two recently ordained priests, the Rev. Mark Ragon Parker was raised as an Episcopalian; however, he didn't become a priest until "relatively late in life."Although he now lives near Grass Valley, Parker grew up attending St. Mark's in Berkeley, where he later attended seminary at Church Divinity School of the Pacific, earning a Certificate in Anglican Studies. After retiring as the Director of Library Services in Placer County in 20...

  • Anne Clarke - Faith Pushed Her to Become a Leader and Priest

    By Sophie Smal, Communications CoordinatorEven though she never thought of herself as a leader when she was younger,  the Rev. Anne Clarke  has held the leadership position of Lifelong Christian Formation Coordinator of the diocese for two years now.   Clarke grew up in a Lutheran church, where she found purpose in her church's youth group throughout her high school years, and she "felt compelled to go towards leadership because the work was so compelling and importa...

  • Sonya Reichel - Call to Priesthood Led Her to the Episcopal Church

    By Sophie Smal, Communications Coordinator  The Rev. Sonya J. Reichel was raised in the Roman Catholic church and started to feel called to the priesthood in her early 20s.Although ordination was not an option in her faith, Reichel tried to respond to what she felt was a calling in ways available in the Roman Catholic church.Through this period of discernment, Reichel spent many years doing the following: she lived in a Dominican Convent in Nashville,  worked as a marriage & fa...

  • Easter Message from the Bishop

    April 2017Dear Friends in Christ,Grace and peace to you, in the Name of our risen Lord Jesus Christ! As we again enter this holy Season of celebration of his victory over sin and death, I pray that we all will  be helped to live more completely in the power of his Resurrection.  In times like our own, this world, our communities, and our congregations need to be shown more emphatically that there is no power greater than the power of God's love, and that, in the risen Ch...

  • Lori Korleski Richardson to Join Office of the Bishop Staff

    From the Rev. Canon Andrea McMillinIn a surprising turn of events, our Communications Director, Paula Schaap, has accepted a unique offer to return to the newsroom in New York City. We are sad to see Paula go, yet excited for her new adventure and wish her all the best as she brings her gifts to bear at a time when journalism and the economic news is at the heart of our political landscape.We are pleased to announce that Lori Korleski Richardson joins the Office of the Bishop Staff as Interim Co...

  • Preaching the Luminous Word: A Book Review

    Preaching the Luminous Word: Biblical Sermons and Homiletical EssaysEllen F. Davis. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Publishing Co., 2016.

  • A Guide to Reading the Bishop's Book for Lent

    By the Rev. Anne Clarke, Lifelong Christian Formation Coordinator"Toxic Charity," by Robert Lupton, is an important book for a time when, while the need in our communities is often great, the best way to go about serving others isn't always clear. Questions posed by Lupton's book can be challenging for all of us.

  • Bishop's Book for Lent - Toxic Charity

    Dear friends in Christ,Grace and peace to you.When Bishop Lloyd Allen spoke to us last November at Diocesan Convention, many people were impressed, not only with his ideas about a strategy for self-sufficiency for the Diocese of Honduras, but also with how much of what he shared was relevant to their own congregations. One of the books he recommended then promises helpful wisdom as a way to be more effective in our outreach, and also to address some of our own internal challenges as a Church. Th...

  • A Letter of Thanks From Bishop Michael Smith, Diocese of North Dakota

    Bishop Michael Smith writes to Bishop Barry Beisner to acknowledge the gift of $4,260 that was an offering from Diocesan Convention and was brought to the Standing Rock Nation by the Rev. Lewis Powell.Click here to read the full letter.

  • Bishop Barry Beisner's Lenten Message

    Dear Friends in Christ,Grace and peace to you.Epiphany ends as usual: with the story of the Transfiguration and the Gospel invitation both to learn to see and know Jesus as he really is, and also ourselves, as we are in him. And what we really are is a creation made in God's image, beloved of God, possessing worth and dignity beyond our ability to imagine. All of us.

  • Continued Prayers Requested for Those Affected by Oroville Dam Emergency

    Bishop Barry sent the following prayer request to the diocese on Monday:Dear Friends in Christ,Grace and peace to you.As I write this Monday morning, at least one of the towns evacuated Sunday night has had the order lifted, and some of the nearly 200,000 displaced will soon be home. But major disruption is still an issue in many lives right now, and uncertainty still looms, as assessing/repairing damage to the dam continues. So please continue your prayers: for those seeking to manage upheaval ...

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