Prayer Request for Redding

Prayer Request for Redding

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Dear Ones, 

Please pray tonight for our brothers and sisters in the Redding community. Earlier today at approximately 11:30am a fire broke out near town that burned 38 acres and is now contained.  Click here for a KRCR news update. 

All Saints held services this morning and then Rev. Carren Sheldon, Interim Rector, made the decision for the congregation to leave the property in anticipation of an evacuation and get out of the way of the first responders. Kati Braak, Director of Operations for the diocese was in direct communication with Rev. Carren and Dean Richard Yale to begin a crisis response if needed and to watch with them as this unfolded. We are grateful that all evacuation orders have been lifted. Please pray for those who were affected, and for those who are experiencing post traumatic stress with the reminder of the previous fires. Our brothers and sisters are helping one another in this pastoral moment, and we pray along with them.  

Gracious and loving God, who calmed the wind and made the waters still; we pray this night that our sisters and brothers in Redding will feel your calming presence. As the fire today rekindled past trauma, please bless them and protect them this night. We pray for those who are experiencing homelessness and were displaced by the fire today. Thank you for the perfect love which casts out all fear. In the name of your son, Jesus Christ,

Your sister in Christ,
Canon Andrea

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