Print News

While many have argued (moreso recently, as budgets and spending are drastically cut) that print news is no longer the way to go, we would beg to differ.

 Until parish demographics prove otherwise, the fact remains that members of our congregations are largely paper-dependent for their news; therefore, any transition to electronic news, for them, may result in less news (and in some cases, no news at all)!

While cuts may need to be made, we would caution against eliminating print news, and advise that a plan to balance web and print news distribution be considered. 

Here are a few ways to save money on print news:

Offer an e-news option and make printed copies available only upon request or to share at Sunday services, herein saving money on print and postage.

Meet with an area printer or print broker. Print companies are in need of business and may be willing to work with you and your budgetary restrictions. You might be surprised at what you find --and may even save money in using a local printer, rather than spending on paper, ink and staff time to produce your newsletter in-house.

Consider offering paid advertisers to offset costs. Many community organizations would love the added exposure and are willing to pay to place ads in your print newsletter/church bulletin.

For more information or with specific communications concerns, please contact diocesan communications by e-mail to or by phone to 916.442.6918.

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