Recommended Reading

Theology and Practical Liturgics:

Louis Weil Theology of Worship (Church Publishing) and Liturgy for Living (with Charles P. Price) and other books Traditional (and updated) thoughts about the meaning and ways of Episcopal worship

Leonel L. Mitchell’s Praying Shapes Believing (Morehouse Publishing) and other books including his series of Ceremonial Guides Classic thoughts about the Book of Common Prayer and the rites of Episcopal worship

Ruth A. Meyers and Phoebe Pettingell, Gleanings: Essays on Expansive Language with Prayers for Various Occasions (Church Publishing) How to understand and consider use of inclusive languagein worship

Aiden Cavanaugh, Elements of Rite: A Handbook of Liturgical Style (Liturgical Press) and other books From a Roman Catholic theologian and liturgist, perspectives on worship and practical ideas for implementation

Donna Barthle Parish Acolyte Guide (Morehouse)

Barbara Gent and Betty Sturges, The New Altar Guild Book (Morehouse)

Ormonde Plater, foreword by Suzanne Watson-Epting, Deacons in the Liturgy 2nd Edition (Church Publishing)

T.S.K. Scott-Craig, A Guide to Pronouncing Biblical Names (Morehouse)

On music:

Carl P. Daw, Jr. and Thomas Pavlechko, Liturgical Music for the Revised Common Lectionary (Years, A, B and C) (Church Publishing)
Recommendations for choir and congregational singing, including recommendations for where in worship to sing them

The Episcopal Musician’s Handbook (Years A, B, and C) (Living Church Foundation) Recommendations for congregational singing with place to record decisions

Carl P. Daw and Kevin R. Hackett, A Hymn Tune Psalter: Gradual Psalms (Church Publishing)
Psalm chants drawn from familiar hymns

Terri Bocklund McLean and Rob Glover, Choosing Contemporary Music (Augsburg Fortress)
Lectionary based suggestions from many contemporary hymnals

Marilyn L. Haskel (Ed.) What would Jesus Sing? Experimentation and Tradition in Church Music (Church Publishing)
Excellent selection of articles on various styles of music

On prayers:

Ormonde Plater, Intercession: A Theological and Practical Guide (Cowley Publications)
Comprehensive guide for creating your own intercessions

Christopher L. Webber, Give us Grace: An Anthology of Anglican Prayers (Morehouse Publshing)
Classic prayers for all occasions

Susan K. Bock, Liturgy for the Whole Church: Multigenerational Resources for Worship (Church Publishing)
Suggestions that include children and youth as well as seniors and others

Ginny Arthur (Ed.) Best of Blessings: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany, and Best of Blessings: Lent, Holy Week and Easter (both Anglican Book Centre, Toronto)
Resources for Sunday and weekday seasonal celebrations in inter-generational worship

Jeffrey W. Rowthorn, The Wideness of God’s Mercy: Litanies to enlarge our prayers (Morehouse Publishing)
Wide compilation of prayers for various occasions

Jonny Baker and Douglas Gay (Eds.) Alternative Worship: Resources from and for the emerging church (Baker books) From England

John Pritchard The Intercessions Handbook and The Second Intercessions Handbook (SPCK) From England

Charles Arn, How to Start a New Service: Your Church Can Reach New People (Baker Book House)

On worship space:

Richard Giles, Repitching the Tent: reordering the church building for worship and mission (Liturgical Press)
(see also Times and Seasons: Creating transformative worship throughout the year (Canterbury Press), Creating Uncommon Worship (Liturgical Press)
Though-provoking ideas about changing worship space, objects and movement in worship through time and space. Excellent illustrations.

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