Recommended Reading

Discerning God’s Will Together by Danny Morris
A Sacred Voice is Calling by John Neafsey
Weeds Among the Wheat by Thomas H Green, S.J.
Many Servants by Ormond Plater
Diaconate: A Full and Equal Order by James M. Barnett
BCP: Ordination of a Deacon (Pg 537)
CCOM Guidelines

Things to Consider

In addition to “Possible Areas for CCOM Exploration and Prayer Before, Between and After Meetings with the Discerner” in the CCOM Guidelines you might want to explore the following:

-What or who made you who you are? What persons? What events? Or…?
- In your personal dream, what kind of world do you live in?
- What gives you a sense of purpose or mission?
- What are your gifts? How are you actualizing your gifts?
- How have you exhibited leadership? At your work? In the world? At church?
- Does your family support and approve a call to the diaconate?

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