Reporting from the CCOM to the Rector/Vicar and the Vestry/Mission Committee

When all agree that there has been sufficient time and opportunity to explore all pertinent issues with the discerner, and if the discerner continues to sense a call, CCOM members need to come to a clear consensus about their own responses to the question. A letter, prepared by the Chair and signed by all CCOM members will

(A) recommend that the discerner continue the process toward ordination with the
Rector/Vicar and the Bishop, or
(B) agree that they, too, a sense of call but recommend further time, prayer and
discernment to clarify what that call might be, or
(C) not recommend the discerner.

Ideally, none of these responses will come as a surprise to the discerner.

The letter should include:

+Name of Discerner
+Names of CCOM members
+Responses to the following:

1. The CCOM’s understanding of the discerner’s call to ordained ministry.
2. The CCOM’s understanding of the discerner’s spiritual strengths and
3. An assessment of the discerner’s intellectual ability to pursue graduate level
studies in theology, scripture, etc.
4. A description of the discerner’s family situation, including how spouse,
partner, children, siblings and parents feel about the discerner’s desire for
5. A description of the discerner’s spiritual history
6. A description of the discerner’s life and ministry in the congregation
7. An assessment of the discerner’s potential for leadership in the church.
8. An assessment of the discerner’s effectiveness in pastoral and/or
interpersonal relationships in the congregation.
9. Additional observations that the Rector/Vicar and Vestry/Mission Committee
should know about.
10. The CCOM’s formal recommendation for the discerner at this point in time.
11. Signatures of all members.

The report letter will be sent to the Bishop, along with the Vestry/Mission Committee endorsement, should that body decide to endorse the discerner.

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