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Welcome to the Safe Church section of our website.

Our goal is to build and sustain communities of faith that lead to a deepening trust and faith in Jesus Christ and with each other. Our goal is to help by offering education and training in the prevention of sexual exploitation, child abuse, harassment.

The Safe Church website we previously used is no longer valid, as our diocese has been preparing to transition to the online services offered by the wider church. The new site is almost ready, but if anyone needs to complete the training before the site is up and running, you can email the Rev. Debra Warwick-Sabino at She will email you the course and the quiz you need in order to receive the Certificate of Training.

Additionally, in-person trainings are still available as well; please contact the Rev. Anne Clarke at if you would like to schedule one.


Please contact the Rev. Anne Clarke by email or by phone, 916.442.6918 ext. 215

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Contacting the Intake Officer

Contacting an Intake Officer

Anyone may contact one of the diocesan intake officers to report concerns about the behavior of a member of the clergy (priests and/or deacons).  This initiates a process, where appropriate, to hold clergy accountable for their behavior.

The Rev. Canon Andrea McMillin, Canon to the Ordinary, is one of the intake officers for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California. You may contact her in any manner and in any form:

Office: 916.442.6918, ext. 214 (confidential voice mail)
530.601.3774 (confidential voicemail)
Fax: 916.442.6927
Office Mail: The Rev. Canon Andrea McMillin
                           The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California
                           350 University Ave., Suite 280
                           Sacramento, CA 95825

The Rev. Debra Warwick-Sabino is another intake officer for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California.You may contact her in any manner and in any form:

Office: 530.622.2441
Mobile: 530.848.7765 (confidential voicemail)

To report concerns about the behavior of an Episcopal bishop, you may contact the Title IV Intake Officer of The Episcopal Church who will provide a response from the Presiding Bishop's Office to complaints and formal charges against or concerning bishops. The intent of the response is to satisfactorily address the cause(s) of the complaint or charge in such a way that proceedings for a possible Presentment and Ecclesiastical Trial do not have to occur.

The Rt. Rev. F. Clayton Matthews, Bishop of the Office of Pastoral Development, is the Title IV Intake Officer for The Episcopal Church. You may contact him in any manner and in any form:

Office: 252.635.5004
 Office, Toll Free:
800.334.7626, ext. 6163
 Office Mail:
The Rt. Rev. F Clayton Matthews
                           Title IV Intake Officer
                           2857 Trent Road
                           New Bern, NC 28562

The intake officer will:
 • Listen with respect
 • Offer pastoral care and response
 • Create a written report regarding the concern(s) presented
 • Answer questions about the process

Please note: Members of the clergy are REQUIRED to report to the intake officer anything that may constitute an offense and to cooperate with the clergy disciplinary process.


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