Safety Officer

Each location is required to designate a safety officer (person or priest in charge of the IIPP). This person is responsible for ensuring that the IIPP is followed at his/her site, for making sure that quarterly safety meetings are held, and for documenting any safety infractions. The safety officer is not required to be the person instructing your staff at the quarterly safety trainings, but is responsible for ensuring that they happen.

Quarterly Safety Trainings:

Once per quarter a safety training must be held for all employees. A log of the safety topic must be maintained and signed by all employees (and any included volunteers). One example of an excellent safety meeting topic is the proper evacuation procedures for your building in the case of emergency (we recommend that you invite your entire congregation to this one).

You can also collaborate with nearby congregations and hold joint safety trainings. Ask your local fire department for instruction on how to use a fire extinguisher; have a doctor or nurse in the congregation describe the symptoms of heat stroke, heart attack or other serious sudden onset health problems; or bring in a trainer to teach First Aide.

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