Santa Rosa, Church of the Incarnation, Position Summary

Church of the Incarnation, Santa Rosa, CA

Diocese: Northern California
Location: Santa Rosa, CA
Position Type: Rector

Position Details
Setting Urban city center
Compensation $68,000 to $81,000
Health Benefits Single + Family
Housing Rectory provided

We are an inclusive community of faith, following Jesus Christ as a parish of The Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Northern California. We are a downtown urban church located in Santa Rosa, California in the heart of Sonoma County. We recognize that Christ has no body now on earth but ours, and we are committed to carrying out Christ’s charge to love one another through service, worship and prayer. Our abiding values are those expressed in our Baptismal Covenant with Jesus Christ, and those values guide us in our life of faith.

Skills we are looking for in a rector:

• We value our clergy, and the specific role that the rector has among us. Our rector needs to be a mature Christian with a long standing faith discipline, who will be a healthy spiritual leader as we live out our Baptismal Covenant and follow Jesus Christ together.

• We want to deepen and grow as a healthy Christian community, and seek a priest who is spiritually alive and grounded in prayer; open-minded and pastoral; theologically intelligent, with a deep appreciation for Episcopal tradition, liturgy, and music.

• We want to grow, and would like our priest to be a visionary leader, preferably an experienced rector, with strong administrative and management skills, who is able to delegate duties, and develop lay leaders; someone who will work with us to improve our organizational practices to increase our health and vitality.

• We value excellence in preaching and teaching, and we expect our priest to be a thoughtful preacher, whose sermons touch hearts, connect with our lives and challenge us; a gentle teacher of insightful theology who is well read and curious. We love to laugh, and appreciate a good sense of humor!

• We have struggled as a community with conflict and are working intentionally towards greater health as a church. We must have a priest who keeps appropriate boundaries, with proven skill and experience in conflict resolution.

• We love our city, and the people in it. We seek a creative, community-minded leader to help us increase our presence within the neighborhood and city; a rector who will live among us and be an integral part of Santa Rosa.

• We know that the rector should not and cannot do it all; therefore we hope for an empowering leader who can assist us in working together in ministry, with special attention to ministries that welcome and engage new members.

Application Information

Application deadline: October 1 , 2017

Please direct materials to Ms. Jacqi Seppi, Executive Assistant to the Bishop

Include the following: OTM profile as a PDF, resume no longer than 2 pages, a 1 page essay on building healthy relationships through conflict resolution, and a 1 page essay on what excites you about this call.

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