Archdeacon's Fund for Education


This scholarship is based upon need.

Applicant must be enrolled at the School for Deacons or a Mutual Ministry postulant.

Postulants and Candidates may request up to $500. each semester. Non-postulants who are enrolled, with the Bishops permission, at the School for Deacons may apply for up to $500 a year.

The sponsoring congregation must have pledged to contribute monetarily to the applicant’s preparation.

Scholarships will be paid directly to the School or another institution.


The applicant should write a letter prior to the beginning of the semester requesting a scholarship. The letter should include a statement about the basis for need. The letter should also state all other scholarships or funds that will be applied to tuition.

The letter is addressed to the Archdeacon at the Office of the Bishop: 350 University Ave, Suite 280, Sacramento, CA 95825.


School for Deacons – based on need. See for application.

Diocese of California has a scholarship for women postulants. The School for Deacons and the Archdeacon can provide the application form or contact

The Master’s Fund of the Order of the Daughters of the King. The Order of the Daughters of the King supports higher education in leadership development and service for Episcopal church-related careers for women. Applications and requirements are at Recipients do not need to be a Daughter.

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