The Role of a Trustee

An important ministry within the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California.

A member of the Board of Trustees shall be a confirmed member of the Episcopal Church, resident in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California, and a communicant in good standing of a congregation of the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California. The expectation is that many functions of the old Board and Council, especially those relating to programs and operations, eventually will lie with the Deaneries.

Trustees will:

*Through a Mutual Ministry process with the Bishop, help set goals for the diocese and periodically evaluate progress toward goals.

*Help develop Diocesan Policy and Strategy in support of mission priorities and operations priorities established by Diocesan Convention.

*Contribute to Strategic Planning for the diocese, looking ahead and helping develop policy options to meet changing circumstances.

*Help oversee Diocesan Finance and Administration in support of mission priorities, including the development and adoption of the annual operating budget of the diocese.

*Serve as Directors of the Diocesan Corporation, the civil legal face of the diocese, with duties set forth in State law, the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Corporation, and in acts of Convention.

*Help oversee Diocesan Property and Development in support of mission priorities.

- The Diocesan Corporation is the owner of all of the assets of the diocese, including all real property, funds and other assets of the Missions in the diocese, with rights and responsibilities of such ownership.

- The Trustees shall use diligence to increase the principal funds of the endowments of the diocese.

Trustees may expect monthly meetings augmented by the diocese’s communications network. They may be invited to work on subcommittees. They are asked to participate in a planning retreat, in January each year, at Mercy Center, Auburn.

Starting in 2013, all Trustee elections will be for three year terms. To facilitate staggered terms, in 2012, the Semper Virens, Alta California, and Central Deaneries elected Trustees for three year terms, the Capital and Russian River Deaneries elected Trustees for two year terms, and the Wingfield and Sierra Deaneries elected Trustees for one year terms.  The fall of 2013, the Sierra and Wingfield Deaneries each elected one member, the Bishop appointed one member, and Diocesan Convention elected one member.  All four positions were for full three year terms; all positions going forward will be for full three year terms.

All positions are currently full. 

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