The Bible Challenge

From 2013...

Welcome! Thank you for joining me in taking The Bible Challenge. We will bless our Bibles as a kick-off on Epiphany Sunday and then begin our readings the next day, Day 1, which is Monday, January 7th.

This section of our website will support The Bible Challenge, complete with daily readings and meditations. The daily readings will be posted one week at a time, Monday through Saturday (Sundays we listen to the Bible in church). Short meditations on each day’s passages for the week will also be posted. These meditations are a gold mine in themselves, as they were composed by theologians, bishops and Bible scholars from around the world.

I encourage congregations to plan now to support The Bible Challenge with local activities. I also ask that all individuals who intend to take The Bible Challenge 'subscribe' to an e-mail list, so that we can notify you of periodic supports. Please subscribe by e-mailing to us your name, mailing address, and the name of any church you may be attending, addressed to

This is an exciting venture as the Body of Christ in Northern California. I personally look forward to reading each day, knowing that a cloud of witnesses is reading the same scriptures along with me.

Grace and peace to you,


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