Three Things to Consider

Before joining an online Social Media Networking (SMN) site, please consider these steps:

1) Consider creating a church e-mail address specific to your new SMN page(s); create an e-mail address you will not share but will use to maintain your SMN page, such as This will keep SMN-related e-mails from overwhelming your every day.

2) Be certain to retain your "branding" when creating your SMN page; use your church's logo and/or photo, your mission statement or "tagline," and correct contact information, including website address.

3) With Facebook, consider the advantages of using a page versus group, including the ability to create and invite people to attend church events, generate discussion groups, etc. Click here for more about Facebook pages.

After joining the social media arena, please consider these important tips:

1) Behavior Effects. In establishing your ministry group, your congregation, or even yourself in the social media world, it is important to understand the effects of your actions (posting, commenting, questioning, photo sharing, etc) on those around you. Please consider your behavior as a vital form of evangelism and think about ramifications before pressing "enter." 

2)  Photo Permission. Before you share photos (particularly of those under the age of 18), please refer to your congregation's photo sharing policy. Click here to view the photo sharing policy of the diocese, and to view a sample which can be altered to suit the needs of your congregation or ministry group.

3) Remember to revisit your security settings at LEAST once per month. Social media sites often add new features, and default security settings they employ may automatically be set to allow permissions you might not be comfortable with.



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