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  • Myths of Mary Magdalene

    Webinar Join professor of mythology and cultural history Kayleen Asbo for a seven week pay-what-you-will series on this fascinating and pivotal Christian figure in art, music, legend, and literature. From her earliest depictions in the canonical Gospels to the modern portrayals in novels, movies and the opera, you will learn how the woman closest to Jesus continues to inspire creativity, hope and healing. You can enroll in one class or the whole series, and audio recordings are available to list...

  • Mary Magdalene as an Opera Diva?

    Seven years ago, New York composer Mark Adamo was struck reading Joan Acocela’s article in The New Yorker on Mary Magdalene in which the tensions of the early church and the diversity of perspectives on this pivotal New Testament figure were sketched. Adamo was captivated by the Mary Magdalene he discerned within the article, a disciple who might have best understood Jesus’ message, and a woman whose passions were part of her path towards spirituality, not away from it. The project consumed his ...

  • Writing Workshop: Mary Magdalene

    "The Archetypal Mary Magdalene and Modern Metaphors" Alethea Eason, of Cobb, author of the novels HERON'S PATH and HUNGRY will facilitate a writing workshop on Mary Magdalene in Carey Hall at St. John’s Episcopal Church on Saturday, July 21, 2012, from 10 AM until 2:30 PM. "The workshop will be a creative experience, rather than a lecture," said Eason.

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