Youth Formation

Below are resources particularly for ministry with teenagers:


Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus by Mark Yaconelli
 This is my favorite book on youth ministry. It asks deep questions of congregations discerning about and struggling with youth ministry, and invites reflection on our individual and community relationship with God.



Sustainable Youth Ministry: Why Most Youth Ministry Doesn’t Last, and What You Can Do About It by Mark DeVries
 Why does youth ministry frequently feel so difficult for congregations? This book honestly examines many of the challenges that emerge for congregations and their youth, and provides guidance without a lot of gimmicks or pretending at easy answers. It is more geared toward congregations that have a paid or highly-organized youth ministry, but there are useful sections for all types of congregations.


Way to Live
 A book written by and for teens about Christian practices.




Almost Christian: What the Faith of Our Teenagers is Telling the American Church and The Godbearing Life:The Art of Soultending by Kenda Creasy Dean
Dean writes with honesty and generosity about the faith lives of youth. Almost Christian examines the demographics, trends, and prevailing theology of young people and those who work with them, and the messages and call that those realities have for the rest of us. The Godbearing Life provides a framework for moving forward in relationship with young people and with Jesus.


Key Resources
 From the Center for the Ministry of Teaching at Virginia Theological Seminary
Reviews and ideas for youth formation





From Build Faith: Chart comparing various confirmation curricula

Many confirmation programs reviewed, including by cost, length of program, and format.



The Confirmation Project 
 The Confirmation Project is a multi-year project studying confirmation in mainline denominations. They have begun to discuss some of their findings, so it’s worth checking back with the website from time to time. In addition, they provide some resources for congregations.

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