Congregational Leadership Conferences

2024 Congregational Leadership Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

Vestry Day
Saturday, March 16 | Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Registration and Zoom link will be available soon!
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Disaster Preparedness Fair

Saturday, May 11 | Christ Church, Eureka | 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

New Camino
Friday, September 27 & Saturday, September 28 | St. John’s, Chico

Recorded Conferences

Stewardship for All

Vestry Essentials: Tools for New and Seasoned Members 

Join Bishop Megan and key members of the Office of the Bishop staff to network with vestry members from around the diocese. Participants will learn crucial information about the basics and nuances of vestry service, including running effective meetings, personnel best practices, and more. If you can’t be there, content for this workshop will be repeated on Saturday, March 25.

Congregation Leadership Conferences: Plenary Address w Bishop Megan

CLC: Workshop 1: What Every Commission & Committee Member Should Know

CLC: Workshop 3: HR Basics, Legal, & Finance Matters

CLC: Workshop 4: Effective Meetings and Communication


Faith Formation: Resources for the Post-Pandemic Church

2022 Congregational Leadership Conferences

2022 WordFest!

Morning Session: Discovering the Word Presenters for the morning…

Growing: Faith, Food, and Community

"Community gardens are 80% community and 20% gardens." Brian…