Evangelism Resources

Monthly Evangelism Meeting | August 30, 2023


Go Speak is a program introduced in the Diocese of North Carolina in 2014. The Rt. Rev. Anne Hodges-Copple, bishop suffragan of the Diocese of North Carolina, said about Go Speak “It is a process to help each of us give voice to the quiet, ordinary places we meet and feel God’s divine presence as well as create deeper levels of community within our congregations. The people who have participated in Go Speak have found it to be valuable, not only because they told their own stories, but because they heard others’ stories of faith. This is evangelism at its best!” To learn more, go to: https://www.episdionc.org/gospeak/

Monthly Evangelism Meeting | July 19, 2023

Monthly Evangelism Meeting | June 21, 2023

Episcopal Evangelism Initiatives

The Episcopal Church has established evangelism initiatives for the whole church. Your congregation can participate in this by downloading and using some of the resources below or by going to the Episcopal Church website:

Digital Invitation Kits

Here are some links that can help you to form new, faithful relationships with the community where God has called you to share the good news. You will find invitation kits for: Back to School, Back to Ministry, Advent & Christmas.


TryTank Experimental Laboratory is a lab for church growth and innovation. It is a joint project between Virginia Theological Seminary and the General Theological Seminary. TryTank offers inventive approaches to the challenges facing the Episcopal Church. Their mission is to help the church innovate as a way of following the Holy Spirit, and they deliver on their mission by focusing on these areas:

  1. Learning: we are always learning from the real world
  2. Innovation: We keep trying new ways of being church
  3. Leadership: we help create a culture of innovation in the Episcopal Church
  4. Create Change: our experiments lead to measurable change in some areas

Click here to subscribe to their newsletter and check out their archive.

Become a Licensed Evangelism Facilitator:

An Evangelist is a lay person who presents the good news of Jesus Christ in such a way that people are led to receive Christ as Savior and follow Christ as Lord in the fellowship of the Church. An Evangelist assists with the community’s ministry of evangelism in partnership with the Presbyter or other leader exercising oversight of the congregation, or as directed by the Bishop.

Recognizing that all Christians are called to be evangelists, the Commission on Ministry of this diocese has renamed this position as “Evangelism Facilitator.” An Evangelism Facilitator is one who will enable all of us to express, in our own ways, the Good News of Jesus Christ. Evangelism Facilitators foster evangelistic ministry within a congregation. Not only do they model personal evangelism in the community, but they also have a leadership role in helping all members of the congregation to exercise their individual evangelical gifts.  To learn more about becoming a licensed Evangelism Facilitator, click here.