Diocesan Committees and Commissions

Diocesan Committees and Commissions

The day-to-day and business and long-term planning in the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California is overseen by a number of committees and commissions, made up of clergy and laypeople. If you are interested in serving on a diocesan committee or commission, please contact us at  communications@norcalepiscopal.org. In your email, please be sure to include the name of the committee or commission you are interested in joining, your complete personal contact information and the name of your congregation. 

Current committees and commissions:

Budget and Finance Committee
Christian Formation Committee
Commission for Intercultural Ministries

Commission on the Environment
Commission on Ministry
Companion Diocese Committee
Congregational Audit Committee
Congregational Development Committee
Creation Care
Diocesan Audit Committee
Diocesan Convention Nominations Committee
Disaster Preparedness
Ecumenical Ministries
Employment Practices and Benefits Committee

Episcopal Community Services
Episcopal Foundation of Northern California
Environmental Stewardship Committee
Health Ministries Committee
Indigenous (Native American) Ministries
Initial Response Team Strategic Planning Committee
Investment Fund Committee
Liturgy & Music
Property Committee
Stewardship Commission
St. Matthew’s Center Committee
Sustainable Development Committee