Progress ReportPetition to Further Resolution A087 Through the Development of Congregation-Based Plans to Achieve Carbon-Neutral Facilities and Operations by 2030

January 2023

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern California 2022 convention voted to approve this resolution.  This resolution involves commitments by congregations and commitments by the Commission on the Environment (CoE).

Congregations are asked to study, pray, and work to discern how the Spirit is leading them to address climate change in their households and daily lives, as well as to conduct a facility needs assessment to identify actions necessary to enable the congregations facilities and operations to become carbon neutral by 2030.
The CoE is asked to provide education, guidance, and resources to assist congregations and other diocesan organizations as they develop their needs assessments, and to conduct ongoing research to identify potential financial resources to carry out the measures identified in the facility needs assessments to promote carbon neutrality while preventing undue financial burdens on congregations.

Since the convention, the CoE has taken steps to fulfill its obligations as outlined in the resolution.  

The Commission has researched a number of potential resources to assist congregations to conduct their needs assessments.  
The Commission has also initiated research to identify potential financial resources to fund this work, understanding that individual churches may need financial assistance.

In the next several months the Commission will provide more information about moving forward with the facility assessments.  

Our efforts to reduce the carbon footprints of our churches will benefit nature, and it will also achieve cost savings that will benefit the ministries of our churches.

For more information about the work of the Commission, please consider attending the meetings, visiting the webpage on the diocesan website

(, or contact Miriam Casey ( or Rev.Dr.PamelaDolan(

Miriam Casey

Convener, Commission on the Environment