Employee Practices & Benefits Committee

Employee Practices & Benefits Committee

Our Purpose:

The Employment Practices and Benefits Committee (EP&B) for the Episcopal Diocese of Northern California is one of several committees and commissions within the organizational structure of the Office of the Bishop (OOB).  Working with OOB staff, the goal of the EP&B is to provide guidance related to employment practices and benefits to the Bishop and to the Board of Trustees (BOT), that impact all paid Diocesan staff.

Who We Are:

Members of the EP&B are appointed by the Bishop and currently include both lay and clergy members.  Work of the committee is assisted and supported by various staff from the Office of the Bishop.

What We Do:

Convened by the Bishop, the committee meets on a regular basis throughout the year.  Since pandemic, all meetings have been conducted virtually.  Recent meetings have included work and discussions about updates to the Employee Handbook for the OOB, 2022 COLA adjustments and the 2022 Diocesan Health Benefits and Health Plan Options.


The Rev. Tim McDonald
Good Shepherd, Cloverdale

Tammy Murray
St. Michael’s, Carmichael

Anne Seed
St. Paul’s, Benicia