Growing: Faith, Food, and Community

“Community gardens are 80% community and 20% gardens.”

Brian Sellers-Petersen, author of Harvesting Abundance and Good News Garden

s Consultant, toured 11 community gardens around the Diocese of Northern California from March 30th to April 1st. All in preparation for the Growing Conference that occurred on April 2nd, 2022 at St. Martin’s, Davis. The conference began with an opening prayer from Bishop Megan Traquair and a welcoming from the Rev.Pamela Dolan. The keynote speaker was Brian Sellers-Petersen. Jim Schaal gave a presentation on the Theology of Agrarian Ministry followed by a Q&A. Deacon Phina Borgeson continued the conversation by asking members “What is one key thing that has contributed to your garden’s thriving?”

Everyone at the conference left with a small wooden crate, tomato plant (donated by Jim

Schaal), and a seed paper bookmark. After the conference ended, members had the option to tour Grace Garden at Davis United Methodist Church.

To read Deacon Phina Borgeson’s piece about the Growing conference, click here.

Click here to view photos from the Growing tour. 

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