Begin the Easter season Advocating for the Beloved Community

As followers of Jesus, we are called to Love our Neighbor.  Advocating for just legislation and policies is one very effective way we can fulfill this call.  The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations provides excellent current information on legislation and policies and tools to use to advocate.  Click on the topics and resources in this article to learn about the issues and to take action.  For more information about the diocese’s advocacy team send email to

Action Alerts from the Episcopal Office of Government Relations (OGR)

  • Urge Congress to End Gun Violence It is out of love for the living God and reverence for human life that The Episcopal Church calls upon Congress to act decisively to limit access to deadly firearms and invest in proven efforts to interrupt violence and make our communities safer.
  • Support the Establishment of a Truth and Healing Commission for Indian Boarding Scho Last year, the Department of Interior released a report documenting the legacy of the harmful Indian boarding school policies. Urge Congress to introduce and pass legislation that would mandate public hearings to help educate Americans about the sins of our country’s past and develop recommendations for our government to heal the historical traumas related to the Indian boarding school policies. The Episcopal Church has historical ties to the assimilation policies and cultural genocide committed by boarding schools making it important to us as Episcopalians that our nation begins these truth-telling and reconciliation efforts
  • Urge President Biden to Remove Restrictions on Cuba Advocate for a US- Cuba policy that addresses the humanitarian and economic crisis and restores a policy of engagement between our two countries.
  • Support Statehood for D.C. The U.S. government taxes D.C. residents without providing them with voting representation in Congress. Statehood is one way this injustice can be remedied.

Nationwide Advocacy Opportunities – Join with committed activists to learn about issues and actually lobby Congress to advocate for legislation that supports our ministries’ work.

  • Join Refugee Council USA for National Advocacy Days May 2nd – May 3rd, in Washington, DC. Registration will be open until April 10th, 2023. Participants will also be able to attend a number of special training sessions to help build and expand their advocacy toolbelt for advocating for refugees.
  • Register for virtual Ecumenical Advocacy Days, April 25 – 27, and then register for the Office of Government Relations Public Policy Network’s (EPPN) session at which Episcopalians from around the country gather and share their advocacy activities.

The Office of Government Relations launches Podcast series.  Tune into this public policy podcast to explore critical issues of federal legislation and policy, best practices for advocacy and more

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Bob Wohlsen, Commission for Intercultural Ministries –  Advocacy Team

Episcopal Diocese of Northern California

Lynn Zender, Episcopal Public Policy Network –  CA Team