Kati Braak

Director of Operations

916-442-6918 ext. 228

Kati Braak is a life-long Episcopalian with deep roots in the Diocese of Northern California. Since 2003, Kati has acted as the Public Safety Volunteer Coordinator for the triennial General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

She graduated from CSU, Sacramento magna cum laude with a BS in Criminal Justice, spending over 20 years in retail as an Executive Manager in Security and Operations. She is passionately devoted to her family, singing, and Christmas lights.

Please contact Kati if you need assistance with or have questions about:

•  Diocesan budget questions
•  Human resource questions
•  Property, insurance, loan inquires
•  Expense and reimbursement check requests
•  Contracts
•  Diocesan events, retreats & conferences
•  Diocesan audits