Christmas holiday tips for reducing carbon footprint

As we anticipate Christmas and the joyful arrival of Jesusbirth, it is a festive time filled with preparations for celebration with family and friends.  This is also a time that can mean a heavy carbon burden for our environment caused by the increase in garbage including plastics that usually end up in greenhouse-gas-emitting landfills or waste incinerators that produce carbon emissions.

Here are a few tips to help us lessen that impact:

1. Make homemade gifts
2. Buy gifts locally
3. Consolidate trips to the mall
4. Use recycled or reusable wrapping paper
5. Consolidate shipments into as few as possible to cut down on delivery trips
6. Gift things that are needed
7. Gift an experience
8. Donate to a charity in their name

During this very special season lets accept the invitation to do what we can to be more friendly to our precious creation.

In gratitude,

The Commission on the Environment

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