Educational resources and virtual exhibits from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Latino.

Liturgical resources, Latino ministry resources, biographies, and books written by Hispanic/Latino authors:

The Office of Latino/Hispanic Ministries guides The Episcopal Church in forming hospitable communities of faith that nourish, strengthen, and develop disciples of Christ in the Anglican tradition within Spanish-speaking communities. To learn more, go to:

Our diocesan Commission for Intercultural Ministries section on Latino/Hispanic ministries can be found here: Here you will also find toolkits that are available to congregations that would like to hold celebrations for any of the following holidays:

The Episcopal Church Foundation’s (ECF) vision is a vital, inclusive, and sustainable Episcopal Church that creates steadfast followers of Jesus. And one way we live into this vision is by actively working with Latino/Hispanic leaders in our Church to create Spanish and English programs, services and resources for building up the leadership and financial capabilities of congregations engaged in Latino/Hispanic ministry. To learn more, go to:


History, Biography, & Multi-genre Books

Christian Books

Reading Lists for Children

Reading Lists for Youth

  • “Latinx Heritage” at the Los Angeles Public Library website – This list consists mainly of books in English with some that also include Spanish
  • “Latinx History Month Books for Teens” at the Chicago Public Library website – This list consists mainly of books in English with at least one that also includes Spanish

Reading Lists for Adults



  • La Biblioteca – A podcast from the Library of Congress that highlights resources in the library on Spanish, Portuguese, Latin American, Hispanic, and Latinx/Latine cultures and communities; the second season, “A Latinx Resource Guide: Civil Rights Cases and Events” (released in 2021), contains six episodes on Latinx/Latine civil rights history, which are roughly 35 – 50 minutes long each
  • Latino USA – A podcast that centers Hispanic, Latinx/Latine, and Indigenous news and stories; episodes range between 15 and 60 minutes in length and are released twice a week
  • The Protagonistas, hosted by Kat Armas – A podcast that features conversations on race, gender, and Christian faith and includes interviews with women in faith communities who identify as Black, Indigenous, and people of color; episode length varies between 10 and 60 minutes and are released approximately once a month


Virtual Exhibits

  • “2023 Latinx Heritage Month,” Museum of Latin American Art – A series of virtual tours, lectures, and events that highlight Hispanic, Latinx/Latine, and Indigenous art and cultures
  • “Hispanic Heritage Month Resources,” National Museum of the American Latino – The museum’s collection of virtual exhibits and bilingual digital learning resources for children and youth on Hispanic, Latinx/Latine, and Indigenous histories and stories