Diocesan Convention

Diocesan Convention

Diocesan Convention is the primary legislative body of the Diocese of Northern California. Clergy and lay delegates from each parish meet once a year. The number of lay delegates is determined by identifying in which congregational range the congregation belongs. A list of congregations and which congregational range they belong to can be found in the Congregational Range Sheet. Each congregation must properly complete a Certificate of Lay Delegate Form.

Each congregation must properly complete a Certificate of Lay Delegates form. Once completed, the form must be properly authenticated by the appropriate congregational leadership using one of two options:

  • The Rector, Vicar or Priest in Charge print their name, sign and date the form.
  • The Junior or Senior Warden and the Clerk of the Vestry print their names, sign and date the form.

General Convention Deputation


The Rev. Lew Powell

Clergy Deputy 1
St. John’s, Chico

The Rev. Matt Warren

Clergy Deputy 2
Christ the King, Quincy

The Rev. Robin Denney

Clergy Deputy 3
St. Mary’s, Napa

The Rev. Canon Cookie Clark

Clergy Deputy 4

Ms. DonnaJo Woollen

Lay Deputy 1
St. Barnabas, Mt. Shasta

Ms. CeeCee Coleman

Lay Deputy 2
St. Matthew’s, Sacramento

Mr. Peter Juvé

Lay Deputy 3
St. Mary’s, Napa

Mr. Jay Elmquist

Lay Deputy 4
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento


The Rev. Jim Richardson

Clergy Alternate 1
Trinity Cathedral,Sacramento

The Rev. Michael Monnot

Clergy Alternate 2
All Saints, Sacamento

Canon Charles Mack

Lay Alternate 1
St. Luke’s, Woodland

Mr. John Miller

Lay Alternate 2
All Saints, Sacramento

Ms. Anne Seed

Lay Alternate 3
St. Paul’s, Benicia

Mr. Jerry Paré

Lay Alternate 4
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento