Diocesan Convention

Diocesan Convention

Diocesan Convention is the primary legislative body of the Diocese of Northern California. Clergy and lay delegates from each parish meet once a year. The number of lay delegates is determined by identifying in which congregational range the congregation belongs. A list of congregations and which congregational range they belong to can be found in the Congregational Range Sheet. Each congregation must properly complete a Certificate of Lay Delegate Form.

Each congregation must properly complete a Certificate of Lay Delegates form. Once completed, the form must be properly authenticated by the appropriate congregational leadership using one of two options:

  • The Rector, Vicar or Priest in Charge print their name, sign and date the form.
  • The Junior or Senior Warden and the Clerk of the Vestry print their names, sign and date the form.

Diocesan Convention Minutes

General Convention Deputation


The Rev. Lew Powell

Clergy Deputy 1
St. John’s, Chico

The Rev. Matt Warren

Clergy Deputy 2
Christ the King, Quincy

The Rev. Betsey Monnot

Clergy Deputy 3
All Saints, Sacramento

The Rev. Robin Denney

Clergy Deputy 4
St. Mary’s, Napa

Ms. DonnaJo Woollen

Lay Deputy 1
St. Barnabas, Mt. Shasta

Ms. CeeCee Coleman

Lay Deputy 2
St. Matthew’s, Sacramento

Mr. Peter Juvé

Lay Deputy 3
St. Mary’s, Napa

Mr. Jay Elmquist

Lay Deputy 4
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento


The Rev. Canon Cookie Clark

Clergy Alternate 1
Epiphany, Vacaville

The Very Rev. Daniel Green

Clergy Alternate 2
St. John’s, Petaluma

The Rev. Jim Richardson

Clergy Alternate 3
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento

The Rev. Michael Monnot

Clergy Alternate 4
All Saints, Sacramento

Canon Charles Mack

Lay Alternate 1
St. Luke’s, Woodland

Mr. John Miller

Lay Alternate 2
All Saints, Sacramento

Ms. Anne Seed

Lay Alternate 3
St. Paul’s, Benicia

Mr. Jerry Paré

Lay Alternate 4
Trinity Cathedral, Sacramento